Hello! I am Mohammed Nafees - a 9th grader who hails from India. I’m a tech enthusiast and I am very passionate about programming. I have been working on projects based on Qt and C++.

My participation in Google Code-in 2011 had set the ball rolling - as it was then that I had been introduced to the K Desktop Environment, better known as KDE. Something which I feel is worth mentioning at this point is the fact that KDE has myriad sets of projects aimed at people from all stages of life.

After the completion of Google Code-in 2011, I was positive that Google Code-in 2012 will bring in a whole new host of KDE tasks and I wasn’t proven wrong. The greatest quality of the KDE tasks is that they require us to rack our brains and I feel that this helps us, participants, to learn new things and to extend the boundaries of our creativity. Last year, I was working on custom and historical map themes for Marble. This year, I’m focusing more on the coding tasks. Till date, I have done tasks for Marble, Kanagram and Pairs.

My first task was to implement the random color mode property of KML in Marble. It was fun. Other Marble tasks closed by me include - implementing the ScreenOverlay KML tag handler and renderer & modifying the Atmosphere and Measure plugins.

Pairs, which is a relatively new project, had very interesting tasks. I have implemented the Get Hot New Stuff upload feature in the Pairs Editor to enable the users to upload their Pairs theme to a public server, and have added “What’s This” and Tooltip strings to the same.

Kanagram had a task to add a timer to the game to make it more challenging - and I must tell you that it was equally “challenging” to implement it. Nevertheless, I successfully completed the task along with the acquisition of immense knowledge. It was during this task that I first used the QTimer and QTime classes.

Working for KDE has been a great experience. Each task is unique in its own way. The infective enthusiasm and zeal of the mentors & the refreshing and gripping tasks - KDE is all this and much more!